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U disk is our important partner, we will use U disk boot software, will also use U disk to store important documents, if U disk problems, the consequences are unimaginable. Everyone knows that hot-pulling and inserting U-disks often causes great losses to U-disks, but sometimes we have to do so when something happens suddenly. What to do? Is there any way to pull out the U disk directly without causing damage to the U disk?

Step 1: Right-click on the U disk character, select to view "properties";

How to set up U disk cache protection?

Step 2: Switch to the "Hardware" tab of the U disk properties, then select the U disk drive, and then continue to enter the "Properties";

How to set up U disk cache protection?

Step 3: Select the "Policy" tab and click "Quick Delete (Default) Options". After completion, click "OK" to exit.

How to set up U disk cache protection?

The above three steps are to set up a method to quickly pull out the U disk without damaging the U disk. However, this method only plays a protective role, and can not ensure that nothing is lost, so it is better to pop up the U disk before pulling it out if conditions permit.

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